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The world’s leading production and reliability performance software

e-ConnX is an easy to implement and highly scalable software platform that helps companies measure production and reliability performance.

e-ConnX is particularly powerful at data visualisation so it becomes easier to diagnose exactly where you are having issues causing delays to production schedules, increased costs and missed sales deadlines.

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Core to the success of e-ConnX is the way it involves all stakeholders in the production process, from shift operator to senior management, in developing and continuously improving best-in-industry manufacturing processes.

Sectors where e-ConnX is primarily used:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology

The Benefits of e-ConnX

Delivers 'The One Truth'

We pinpoint the true cause and scale of downtime, losses and waste so that effective action can be taken.

Drives continuous improvement

We help drive team, business line and site efficiencies through longitudinal performance metrics and analytics.

Lowers manufacturing costs by reducing downtime

Whether it be one site or ten, e-ConnX will give you the intelligence you need to measure and benchmark site performance so that you achieve your financial targets.

Optimises shift handover processes

We take shift handover reporting way beyond whiteboards, spreadsheets and emails while cutting data entry time and ensuring accurate information is captured

Decision-making made simpler

We provide the evidence around the WHY so that stakeholders make the right decisions first time round.

The Problems That e-ConnX Solves

e-ConnX is proven to solve the following problems for companies. Hover on the problem that most interests you to find out how e-ConnX helps provide a solution.


Growing pressure on manufacturing costs and profitability

Decrease downtime, achieve the schedule and improve productivity

Little or no historical context to support decision making

Current performance put into context with the past to predict the future

Inability to identify the true scale and reasons for downtime

“The One Truth” around the issues affecting schedule attainment

Little or no ownership of problems affecting schedule attainment at shift level

Empowers shift teams to make timely and effective decisions

Non-transferral upwards of key data and knowledge to all main stakeholders

Process and reliability analytics filtered according to role, responsibility & need

Informal (excel, whiteboard) and non-standardised Shift Handover Reporting

Simple and quick data entry creating easy to understand dashboard reports

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