Shift Handover Reporting and The Golden Batch

The ability for operators and shift leaders to very simply enter crucial downtime information during a shift or as part of a Shift Handover is the beating heart of e-ConnX. Without the right information (both scale and cause) none of the management reporting benefits is possible.

As a result, the EviView team are constantly optimising the data entry experience and helping shift teams benefit in their own lives through innovations such as the Golden Batch (Standard Work) Planner.

Key Features:


Easy data entry with drop down menus and options personalised for each site and client


Data outlining performance of the current shift in relation to the Golden Batch

Great visualisation of key knowledge that needs to be passed from shift to shift

Automatic updating of exactly where in the process a shift will start and end whenever an event is logged.

Complete breakdown of each process stage into process steps step times and actual time

Simple but effective categorisation of downtime by Man, Machine, Method and Material


Ability to measure performance and switch reporting between concurrent Golden Batches

Intuitive Golden Batch Builder

Automatic updating of shift end and shift start times whenever an event is logged

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