Manufacturing Manager / Director

e-ConnX was created with exactly you in mind. After all, how can you meet your targets, drive operational excellence, solve problems and communicate effectively without having the right performance data and analytics to hand.

Golden Batch - Manufacturing Manager or Director

Our unique Golden Batch builder and dashboard will enable you to plan, manage and optimise resources far more effectively than you’ve experienced up till now.

 Shift Handover - Manufacturing Manager or Director

You’ll now not have different teams sending vital shift handover reporting in varying formats where it’s up to you to decipher the significance of the data and join the dots.

Reverse - Manufacturing Manager or Director

We’re easy to work with and you’ll have 3rd party evidence that installation of the e-ConnX platform is pain free compared to other software systems.

Growth - Manufacturing Manager or Director

Our non-invasive approach means that the true scale and range of reasons for downtime are likely to be reported.

Downtime - Manufacturing Manager or Director

Evidence based diagnostic tools will enable you to make timely decisions and take effective action to improve production and reliability performance with maximum confidence.

Laptop chart - - Manufacturing Manager or Director

You’ll have one simple to understand production and reliability dashboard that enables you to measure manufacturing performance (with trend analysis) all the way from process stage to business unit, product or site. We’ll even help you measure room performance when you’re not manufacturing!

 Chart - Manufacturing Manager or Director

For the first time, you’ll have a complete 360-degree view of the EXACT reasons why you are missing schedule attainment targets. e-ConnX captures it all and categorises delays under clear headings – Man, Machine, Method & Material.

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