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e-ConnX helps shift teams log and communicate the right information to the right people quickly and easily. We don’t create more work for you but help you take evidence-based actions that mean you have a greater likelihood of attaining schedules on time.

Shift Handover - Shift Team Leader

One standard reporting format for Shift Handover Reporting so that communication between shifts is clear, concise and actionable.

Laptop search - Shift Team Leader

Custom drop down fields make it easy and quick to enter vital event information categorised by man, machine, materials and method.

Growth chart - Shift Team Leader

Stronger ability to view historical data if you’re looking to analyse today’s problems in context with the past.

Alarm - Shift Team Leader

Helps you communicate common or ongoing issues to management that are limiting your team’s ability to reach important targets.

Repeat - Shift Team Leader

Full training and timely support for you and your team.

Scale - Shift Team Leader

The Golden Batch Dashboard helps teams work together seamlessly by automatically updating, after every downtime event, exactly where in the production process one shift will end and the next will start.

pyramid - Shift Team Leader

Issues (eg. manpower, scheduling, logistics) causing delays to the schedule, outside of those being recorded automatically, can be reported more easily so that there is a 360 degree view of reasons for delays to the schedule.

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