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e-ConnX is the perfect data, analytics & software partner to help you achieve the lean manufacturing ambitions you have for your company. At the same time success is built on employees leading the way forwards through greater accountability, streamlined knowledge sharing and informed decision making.

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Shift improve - VP of Manufacturing

You’ll have a scalable, measurable, tailored and meaningful set of data and analytics that will significantly ‘Shift the dial’ when it comes to manufacturing and financial performance across the company.

Knowledge growth - VP of Manufacturing

The right information is getting to the right people at the right time! E-ConnX isn’t about ‘Big Data’ but about enabling companies to act quickly by having easy access to the right data.

growth - VP of manufacturing

You’ll have top-level analytics that will give you the ability to benchmark production and reliability performance across multiple sites or product lines, together with an understanding of WHY certain business areas are underperforming.

data visualisation circle - VP of Manufacturing

You’ll have the data, visualisation and empowerment tools you need to implement a structured behavioural programme such as the world renowned ‘4 Disciplines of Execution’.

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