Electronic Shift Handover

The production shift communication tool for lean process manufacturers

Process Tracking

Track the process by making it part of shift handover reporting

Downtime Analytics

Real-time process performance analytics at your fingertips
Electronic shift handover notes

Electronic Shift Handover

  • All shift handovers and trackers in ONE place
  • Suits MFG, QC, QA, Maint, Eng etc.
  • Multiple simultaneous user access
  • Ease of data entry e.g. dropdowns & auto-save
  • Standalone or 3rd party system integration
  • Automatic report generation & email circulation
Electronic shift handover process

Process Tracking

  • Measure ‘Process OEE’
  • Track ANY process related activity
  • Know exact status of process at shift end
  • Build your process template and re-use
  • Highlights true cause & scale of downtime
  • Instant Process OEE analytics 
Downtime analytics

Downtime Analytics

  • Custom-built dashboard
  • Real-time analytics
  • Granular reporting
  • Filter as required
  • Access analytics remotely
  • Supports tactical and strategic decision making

Annual Production Improvement results you can expect


By simply moving to an electronic shift handover application, here are some of the continuous improvement results achieved by our customers


Productivity increase


OTIF improvement


Manufacturing downtime reduction


Schedule Attainment rise

Familiar with these challenges?

Many pharma plants struggle with a lack of accurate information that would allow them to understand WHY they are stuck at current productivity levels. A costly problem faced by countless pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is that vital data and analytics around bulk API production performance is not being transferred effectively upwards from operators to senior management.

No downtime visibility

A worrying inability to identify the true scale and reasons for production downtime

Inefficient data transfer

Poor transferal upwards of key data and knowledge to all main stakeholders

No issues ownership

Little or no ownership of problems affecting schedule attainment at shift level

Ineffective shift handovers

Informal (spreadsheet, whiteboard) and non-standardised shift handover reporting

Lean is merely a buzz word

Everybody’s conscious of the term lean, but are challenged to put it to life

Impossible to trend

Little or no historical context to support decision making
Analytics coming from electronic shift handover

Production performance management – made easy

e-ConnX provides comprehensive production and reliability reporting together with Ishikawa diagram analytics so that absolutely everyone, from Operator up to Vice President of Manufacturing, has exactly the right data and diagnostics they need to be more effective in their roles.

Drill down to the detail

Granular production performance reporting by date period, site, building, equipment train, product, product stage etc.

Simple categorisation

Categorise downtime by Man, Machine, Material and Method allowing for easy interrogation.

Multi level trending

Analyse performance trending by date period, site, building, equipment train, product, product stage etc.

Downtime scale

Clear visualisation of scale and causes of downtime issues through fishbone analytics

Root-cause analysis

Transparent downtime ‘root cause’ identification while showing frequency and impact

PDCA – It’s all there

A system with Plan-Do-Check-Act at the backbone to drive continuous improvement

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Electronic shift handover performance analytics using downtime entry