Unrivalled electronic shift handover & process performance management software

A process performance management solution that’s not just about fixing today’s problems

e-ConnX is not only about knowing current performance and solving today’s problems. This process performance management tool has been specifically designed by industry experts to meet the sites targets, drive operational excellence, solve recurring problems and communicate effectively with having the right performance data and analytics to hand.

Process performance tool

We know your process performance management challenges

Like so many successful solutions, this innovative process performance management tool was created by experienced professionals who faced similar frustrations.

Our team of manufacturing operation specialists knew that their processes were not effectively identifying and correcting downtime.

Together with a panel of super experienced industry advisors, we figured out that there was a better way to improve process performance management.

The combined 70+ years of industry knowledge within the group has brought about a truly unique global offering, known as e-ConnX.

What we do

Electronic shift handover

The electronic shift handover which is the beating heart of e-ConnX, allows the operator or team leader to easily capture any non-adherence to the production schedule during every shift, every day

Process performance

e-ConnX enables large and small facilities to optimise process performance while gaining rich data sets to aid with continuous improvement and change management

An important Lean tool

Equip the team for not only lean thinking but lean doing, every shift, every day. With e-ConnX, watch the lean culture in your facility naturally develop

Production visibility

The days of your production team struggling to understand ‘where we are v where we should be’ can quickly come to an end. Gain a fully transparent view at the end of every shift using e-ConnX

Data analytics

Process performance analytics and reporting are readily available for everyone across the manufacturing site, which enables everybody to be more effective in their roles

A culture of improvement

Employees will appreciate the simplicity of e-ConnX to submit process performance ideas. They’ll also get to see how their suggestions are progressing on the Continuous Improvement dashboard

You’re in safe hands

Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch


C-level, clear strategic thinker, capable of making consistently good decisions and who refuses to succumb to complacency.

Karol Dabrowski

Karol Dabrowski


IT and manufacturing expert with two MSc.  Highly skilled in Agile Project Management, business analysis, software requirements analysis, implementation planning.

Karl Nolan

Karl Nolan

VP of Sales & Marketing

Highly accomplished sales and marketing professional who has spent the last 17 years leading the growth strategies for fast-scaling software and global FMCG companies.

Katy O'Connor

Katy O'Connor

IT System Analyst

A client-facing executive with an MBS in Information Systems and a BA in Marketing. Katy developed communication and problem-solving skills by engaging and working closely with end users.

Paschal McCarthy

Paschal McCarthy

Senior Advisor

Ex managing director of GE Healthcare that over the years has built up a deep domain expertise in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. A clear thinker and committed to the principles of integrity and collaborative working.

Nick Maishman

Nick Maishman

Senior Advisor

A very experienced senior operations and site leader in the pharmaceutical industry with a track record in Biotech, Vaccines and API operations in UK, Spain, US and Ireland.

David Collins

David Collins


Chartered Accountant with extensive private practice experience in the areas of accounting, auditing, compliance and personal tax advice. Dave is involved in a number of companies  as a finance executive.

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